Updates for 2018

Hi all, it's Spring again, and time to do some spring cleaning.

First, some updates-

I have moved away from Portland and have re-settled in Florence, Oregon, an idyllic little arts town by the bay, on the Central Oregon Coast. I am currently in the process of rebuilding and renovating my new art studio. Please be patient with me as I make this transition- I haven't forgotten about you!

 I am in a process of figuring out where I am headed with my creative career, and how this will play out in future. I'm hoping it will include getting the resources together to sell work at vendor fairs and festivals in the Pacific NW and surrounding areas. I know it will also involve incorporating more of the craft and purposeful designs together with my fine arts imagery, and with more of a shift towards customizable orders for wearables and healing art pieces or creative coaching!

I am going to be moving my website, LaughingNewbornArt, from Wordpress.com to this spot here on Blogger. This involves several factors, but I hope to make the transition as smooth as possible for all.

I will be adding content and posting photos of my new place soon, so please check back! Or visit the "contact me" page for more information on me and what I'm doing.